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The Rat Guard

What is the Rat Guard?

The Rat Guard is a system of positions from the guard designed to defend punches while offering a variety of attack options.

The system is based on an old Judo position I learned while training in Japan. Over a decade, I explored, developed and expanded the position into a comprehensive attacking system as a MMA fighting platform. I developed this system because I have a serious injury that limits my movement and flexibility. So the idea was to make a position that was both effective and easy on the body.

Rat Guard system is a great option for anyone who has trouble with Rubber Guard or similar positions. Some people call it “Rubber Guard for inflexible people.” It’s not Rubber Guard, but I am definitely honored by the comparison.

The videos below go into the basic positions of the system, but there is a lot more. I hope you find my little contribution to the art useful. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Rene “Ratão” Dreifuss

MMA Rat Guard