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MMA Training

In our facility the three most fundamental aspects of MMA fighting are taught individually as well as in an MMA context. We offer group classes in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (No-Gi), takedowns & wrestling, and a complete striking program

However, we believe in building fighters “from the ground up,” meaning we encourage all our practitioners to develop a strong base in grappling before beginning striking training. For individuals new to the martial arts, a brief explanation of the disciplines taught at our facility is provided below.

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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a grappling-based fighting style that focuses on incapacitating opponents through the use of leverage against weak areas of the body. It has become an absolute necessity for survival in the cage, and has on countless occasions proven how effective the submission game can be. It is also an accepted truth that almost all street altercations will involve some sort of grappling (standing or on the ground). This is why BJJ is a cornerstone of our training for mixed martial art combat and self-defense. All our Jiu-jitsu classes are oriented towards MMA competition, not sport grappling. Meaning a primacy is put on defending strikes and clinching. Most of our classes are practiced in a ‘No-Gi’ format, which means students wear rashguards and shorts.


Since ancient times, wrestling has been a training tool for fighters and soldiers alike (it was a core of Spartan warrior training, as well as a base for the ancient MMA art of Pankration). Today, wrestlers consistently demonstrate that their style is a fundamental part of modern MMA combat. Solid wrestling allows a fighter to determine where the fight takes place, giving a significant advantage. In the past, BJJ practitioners often suffered from poor takedown games. This is something we aim to correct at Radical MMA NYC: we have dedicated wrestling classes, and in our general Jiu-jitsu classes we also put a premium on learning takedown skills, takedown defense, and MMA oriented Judo throws.


Shoot-boxing, pioneered and popular in Asia, Russia and Brazil, is the most innovative and cutting edge approach to stand up fighting. It is the stand-up portion of MMA, melding Muay Thai kickboxing’s kicks, knees and elbows with precision boxing and high level wrestling and Judo. It combines traditional stand up strikes with takedown defense, dirty boxing and grappling/ striking combinations into a brutally effective, sophisticated and devastating pattern of attacks, that is totally modern and oriented not for a sport, but for combat. We are the only academy in the NYC area specifically specializing in this innovative style.