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Rene Dreifuss
Head MMA Coach

Chad Hernandez
Assistant MMA Coach

BJJ Black Belt
2012 WKA 155lb Open MMA National Champion
2011 UCL Fighter of the Year

Alex Chung
Head BJJ Coach

BJJ Black Belt 2 Grau
(Gracie Barra)

Steve Faller
Assistant BJJ Coach

BJJ Blue Belt 2 Grau
2013 IBJJF World No-Gi bronze medalist
Multiple time No-Gi gold medalist

Coach Dreifuss

Coach Dreifuss After a Victory in MMA

René Dreifuss is the founder and head coach of Radical MMA. Prior to founding Team Radical, Coach Dreifuss was an active MMA fighter in the New York area. Since 1975, he has trained extensively in a variety of martial arts in the US, Japan, and Brazil, and holds instructor ranks in a multiple styles of combat.

In 1992 Coach Dreifuss fulfilled his lifelong dream of moving to Japan to practice martial arts in the home of the samurai. He studied a number of fighting arts while there, but placed a special emphasis on developing his Judo skills. Unfortunately, due to a freak car accident he was forced to return to the US in 1998.

The accident left him with severe injuries, and eventually almost complete paralysis of his left leg. But after two years of surgery and physical therapy, he began to recover, and slowly restarted his martial arts training.

Training at the Kodokan Institute in Japan, 1993

Coach Dreifuss has always been impressed with the Gracie family’s grappling skills and particularly their competition in Vale Tudo (old school MMA). Because of his experience in many martial arts, he became enthralled with Vale Tudo and MMA. These fights allowed fighters to utilize a wide range of skills, and combine striking, throwing and submission fighting. So he began his current love, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with the intention of someday testing himself in the MMA ring.

Awarded Black Belt in BJJ from Prof. Alex Chung

Coach Dreifuss has been extremely fortunate to have trained under many renowned BJJ instructors, including the great Master Rigan Machado, Prof. Marcelo Garcia, Prof. Lucas Lepri and the Santos Brothers. After many years of hard work, both in the US and in Brazil, he earned his black belt under Alex Chung (Gracie Barra). He is now the only person outside of Japan with legitimate rankings in both Kosen Judo (under Sensei Kanae Hirata) and in BJJ.

Rat Guard Used in the UFC by MMA champion, Roan Carneiro

Coach Dreifuss’ love and passion is translating his experience in multiple styles of combat into MMA and self defense. Due to the limitations of his body, he developed a system called the Rat Guard, which gives even very inflexible or injured people an easy method to protect oneself on the ground and keep an aggressive opponent at bay. The Rat Guard is gaining popularity in MMA and has even been used in a number of world title matches. Radical MMA, while a young academy, has developed a small army of Rat Guard players and now boasts a host of champions in both MMA and competitive grappling.

In addition to having a successful fighting and teaching career, Coach Dreifuss is completely fluent in Japanese and also holds a masters degree in East Asian Studies, with a concentration on Japanese military history, from Columbia University.

Check out this video to see Coach Dreifuss in action.



(Coach Dreifuss) teaches from a curriculum that truly enhances and unleashes your potential in the art.
Steven PakLifelong Martial Artist