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René Dreifuss is the founder and head coach of Radical MMA and has produced multiple national and regional champions. Prior to founding Team Radical, Coach Dreifuss was an active MMA fighter. He has trained extensively in a variety of martial arts in Japan, Brazil and the US. In addition to having a successful fighting career, he is fluent in Japanese and also holds a masters degree in East Asian Studies from Columbia University.

MMA Coach: Coach Dreifuss
Assistant MMA Coach: Chad Hernandez (BJJ Brown Belt 4 Grau, 2012 WKA 155lb. Open MMA National Champion, 2011 UCL Fighter of the Year)
Head BJJ Coach: Alex Chung (BJJ Black Belt, Gracie Barra)
Assistant BJJ Coach: Steve Faller (BJJ Blue Belt 2 Grau, 2013 IBJJF World No Gi bronze medalist, multiple time No Gi gold medalist)
Assistant BJJ Coach: Michael Nagi (BJJ Blue Belt 3 Grau)

Check out this video to see Coach Dreifuss in action.

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Coach Dreifuss is able to breakdown the most complicated technique to its basic root, which gives me a better understanding of the big picture of what I am doing.
Christopher RobinsonBJJ Brown Belt