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Is the Guard Dead: Part 3
A Different Concept of Distance

“Jiu-Jitsu is a circle that some of us transform into a circus. We go and try more advanced and complicated options. But at the end of the circle we come back to the simple basic position.” – Grandmaster Helio Gracie

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Is the Guard Dead Part 2:
Sport Jiu-jitsu’s Emphasis Away from Closed Guard

In Helio’s epic fight against Waldemar Santana, the majority of the match played out in one position: the closed guard. Royce’s legendary match in UFC 4 against Dan Severn was nearly all in closed guard. Those are old school fights,

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Is the guard dead?

Hey everyone, thanks for checking in. 20 years ago when Royce Gracie burst upon the scene Jiu-jitsu seemed invincible, inexorable, a force of nature even. Those early UFC fights ushered a revolution in the martial arts community, and put the

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