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Christopher Robinson
2x Pro Muay Thai Champion, BJJ Brown Belt (Rodrigo Medeiros),
Author and Founder of the Core Coach Center

An absolutely amazing teacher! Coach Dreifuss is able to breakdown the most complicated technique to its basic root, which gives me a better understanding of the big picture of what I am doing. My game has immensely improved. Thanks a 1000 times Coach.
Steven Pak
Lifelong Martial Artist
Coach Dreifuss, is a teacher in every sense of the word. Unlike other Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructors you might find in the city he doesn’t teach random moves, instead he teaches from a curriculum that truly enhances and unleashes your potential in the art. I personally feel very fortunate to have become a student of Coach Dreifuss.
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I was previously at another academy that didn’t really do much for my journey as a martial artist. They taught me fancy, impractical, low percentage moves that led nowhere. The teacher instilled cockiness and thugishness within his students, which reflected his insecurities. My fortune allowed me to find Coach Dreifuss one random day during that “dark” time, and after one session I became a believer. I immediately felt that if I wanted to meet my full potential Coach Dreifuss was going to be the one to help me.

I have practiced martial arts my whole life, and have had the privilege to study under various coaches, but I have never met any instructor that approached the martial arts like Coach Dreifuss. He first creates a safe, respectful, and HONORABLE atmosphere to train in, practicing the virtues that martial arts are truly all about. He systematically breaks down every aspect of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu so that you not only practice and lean the move, but can make it part of your “DNA”, hardwiring it into your brain and muscle memory.

My only regrets is that it took me so long to find him. But now I can say with full confidence that for me the sky is the limit. Coach Dreifuss has helped me become a better human being, martial artist, and athlete, and he can help you as well.

Edward “Kenka-Judan” Vasquez
Executive Protection Specialist, Retired Law Enforcement Officer (Dept. of Corrections),
35+ Year Career in the Martial Arts

I have studied and taught various martial arts for over 35 years. I am also retired Law Enforcement officer that worked in the prison system for 23 years. I am presently doing executive protection exclusively for a prominent family.
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One of the hardest things to do in your quest to study the martial arts is to find a good instructor that can teach physically, mentally and morally the true essence of the arts. I was lucky enough to find a young man named René Dreifuss.

His approach to teaching is phenomenal. He is a very analytical teacher, breaking everything down the simplest concepts, so that you understand tactics as well as technique.

He is a hard teacher, a throwback to olden day masters. But he is also on the cutting-edge of the new MMA world. He is a true student of game. His Jiu-jitsu is constantly evolving and getting better as he follows the newest developments in MMA.

He will never, ever teach something fake or make believe. He will never give you a false sense of security. He will drill you and drill you until your technique becomes second nature. Then in time he will force you to fight your way out of every possible worst-case scenario. Miyamoto Musashi once said, “Premature strategy is the cause of grief.” Coach Dreifuss really understands this. He is not an easy instructor and will push you in a way you have never experienced before.

Coach Dreifuss’ total dedication and unselfishness are unlike any other instructor that I have come across in my life. And I have studied with quite a few great instructors.

There is another last saying which I will leave you with, “When the student is ready the master will appear.” If you come across René, then you are ready to take this quest. Good luck, he is honestly a great instructor.

Jason Nagi
Coach Dreifuss is a phenomenal instructor! He is a skilled martial artist that has perfected the art of teaching.
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Whether you are an experienced martial artist, a beginner, or someone looking to learn bare-bones self defense, Coach Dreifuss can show you the moves with the attention to detail that will allow you to execute regardless of the size and strength of your opponent. I could not recommend his more highly and I am lucky to have found him as a teacher.
Mac B
Martial Artist
Simply put, Rene has devised a way to forge Samurai out of computer geeks and flabby hipsters. If you give him three consistent years of training, he will make you into a warrior. That is a guarantee.
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I think I have a unique perspective the training at radical MMA, in that I met many of Rene’s students at the beginning of their jiu-jitsu journeys and then was reintroduced to them after years of absence from the gym. Improvement in combat sports is usually gradual, but the change in his students was dramatic. Guys who were patently un-athletic, who seemed as unlike “fighters” as possible were now, three years later, made out of iron. Simply put, Rene has devised a way to forge Samurai out of computer geeks and flabby hipsters. If you give him three consistent years of training, he will make you into a warrior. That is a guarantee.

I met Rene when he was training students out of Evolution Muay Thai when I was 18 years old, and was impressed by his patient, detail-oriented and systemized approach to teaching.

Flash forward three years. I returned to training with René to find that he had basically built the most successful competition team in NYC from the ground up. Pretty impressive. I have trained jiu-jitsu at a number of other schools, under extremely reputable instructors, but without a question I have improved the most while training with René. Not a class goes by where I don’t feel that I have improved my game in some way. There are a lot of black belts teaching who are talented competitors, but not necessarily great teachers. Rene is an incredibly talented teacher.

René runs a tight ship and the gym has a disciplined, respectful feel to it. The facility itself is extremely nice (the nicest I have seen in NYC so far), clean, and has a safe feel to it. Rene does a remarkably good job of filtering out the meatheads, the crazies, and other undesirables. In contrast to many of the other gyms I have been at, Radical MMA seems like it would be a relatively un-intimidating environment for someone new to mixed martial arts to try it out for the first time.

Probably not the place to go if you are just looking for a cardio workout, or want to take pictures of yourself in hand-wraps and hashtag #fighter #mma for facebook or instagram. Similarly, if you are just looking to smash pads and get your frustrations out and have less interest in learning good technique and becoming a better martial artist, then there are plenty of places in a 10 block radius of the school that would cater better to you.

So that’s my two cents. I think René offers the best training in the city, and would point to the success of his competition team, as well as the fact that his white belts regularly smash blue belts from other schools in competition as validation of this. So come check it out for yourself, the school offers a free trial.

Gilson Oliveira
Business Professional, Lifelong Martial Artist
The training has a very modern approach to Martial Arts, while strengthening our Traditional spirits.
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I’ve been training with Coach Dreifuss for over 7 years now, and it’s been more than learning fighting techniques. Coach Dreifuss empowers you to raise your own standards as a human being and fighter. The training has a very modern approach to Martial Arts, while strengthening our Traditional spirits. I love the new dojo!
Drew Pierson
My skills have improved by leaps & bounds in a relatively short amount of time
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Radical is a phenomenal MMA school; my skills have improved by leaps & bounds in a relatively short amount of time. Coach Rene and Coach Chad are great teachers with an eye for detail, and the environment is so friendly and respectful. I recommend that anyone with an interest in martial arts (at any skill level) come check it out.

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Rene has devised a way to forge Samurai out of computer geeks and flabby hipsters.
Mac BMartial Artist