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About Us

Radical MMA NYC is a school, a philosophy, and a competition team.
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We teach the art of fighting, rooted in MMA oriented Jiu-jitsu, in order to strengthen our bodies and minds. Our academy is a place for each student become more than they ever thought they could be. A place of hard work and respect for each and every member, from newest to the most senior.


We are dedicated completely to an evidence based approach to the science of fighting. We scientifically pursue the most effective techniques and tactics for MMA competition and self-defense, and are not beholden to tradition, the methods of our founders, or any other orthodoxy.


We are committed to testing ourselves in the crucible of combat. The true essence of martial arts is to challenge ones’ courage, spirit, and fortitude. (No student is required to compete, but we encourage all our students to challenge themselves at whatever level of competition they are able)