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Our Approach

No Dogma

One of the beautiful aspects of Jiu-jitsu is that it is has never been beholden to tradition – it continually evolves. Originally, the Gracies unshackled themselves from the limitations of the Japanese style, and created a better submission game.

Today, literally thousands of people outside the clan itself have contributed to its growth; Ricardo Dela Riva, the Machados, Eddie Bravo, Marcelo Garcia, the Mendes brothers are just a few who have made indelible contributions to a new 21st century BJJ.

However, some members of the “old guard” now resist the developments the next generation is making. Jiu-jitsu is moving in many new unpredictable directions. Some people find it troubling but we find it exciting.

At Radical MMA there is no “law” that goes unchallenged. We continually gather the best, most effective, most cutting-edge techniques and incorporate them into our curriculum.

MMA Jiu-jitsu

We aim to follow Jiu-jitsu’s wonderful evolution but with OUR FOCUS SET FIRMLY IN MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, not sport BJJ or grappling competition. We want to be relevant in a combat and self-defense context, not an artificial sport scenario.

Though we absolutely respect those interested in the sport aspect of BJJ, our way is actually the old way of Maeda, Carlos and Helio: Vale Tudo.

We believe in truth through combat.

Many Right Ways

Rather than impose a single style upon our students, we hope that they will ultimately discover the Jiu-jitsu that best suits them individually, and express themselves through the art with creativity and their own innovation.


Our mission is the pursuit of the most effective means for self-defense and mixed-martial art competition. We want our team to represent the wonderful art of Jiu-jitsu in the best possible light, both in and out of the ring, as great fighters and gentlemen, and to carry on the legacy of personal challenge set by Maeda, the legendary Gracie family, and the great lineage of samurai that preceded them.



The students and fight team are the most welcoming and ego-less group I’ve ever trained with. Everyone is just eager to train and eager to help.
Max K.